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If 2020 taught us anything, it was how much small independent businesses gave to us. They looked after us, where there for us for a chat when we needed it the most, or for your Mum’s birthday card and that much needed croissant that put a smile on your face.

The coffee guy that came to your village (hello Boxed Drinks)

The bakery that stayed open

The local gift shop that safely did click and collect

The farm shop that made food shopping a happier and safer environment

The biscuit queen that send edible inspiration through the post to a friend you hadn’t seen in months (yes, you The Kitsch Hen)

Ready to make 2021 a shop small Christmas?

So lets make 2021 the year we don’t forget those things. As Christmas approaches it’s a great time to remember what they did for you and how much of a difference you’ll make to them by shopping, shopping small really does make a difference to families, communities and as a result makes you feel good too; it’s been a tough few months for us all as the world opened up again and we spent more time offline.

Holly Tucker at Holly & Co. is great to follow if you want inspiring to shop local.

Here’s a few ways I think you could help and remember that if the pennies are tight for you, you can support your small business friends in different ways ;

  • Like, comment and share their content
  • Shop online or in person
  • Leave a review
  • Start your Christmas shopping now
  • Join in there conversations, keep checking in
  • Shout out about how awesome they are on social

Can you do one of those today?

Here’s to a small business Christmas, I’m in, are you?

And being a small business, here’s a link to my own services, which aren’t just for Christmas 😉