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View your Instagram bio like someone is looking into your shop window. What impression do you want to make?

Does it say what you do and does it spark there imagination? If I came to your profile would I want to find out more about you?

Here’s six tips to optimise your bio:

  • Your Name. Really important to break down any barriers to building your community, I love it when I can speak to someone directly or know who’s speaking to me.
  • Where you type your name is 30 characters; it’s searchable so use something that a potential follower might be looking for (Farm Shop, Artisan Bakery, Wholesale Chutney)
  • Be clear about what you do & how you can help them. The main copy of you bio is limited to 150 characters. Catch peoples eye with the use of emojis
  • Add a call to action; what do you want people to do next? Sign up to my newsletter here/Read our latest blog about/Shop the latest collection/book onto our event
  • Add a website or link so your follower can reach out to you or learn more about you, it’s a clickable link.
  • Use your highlights to give your audience more information; ‘How to buy’/stockists/reviews. You only have 150 characters for your bio so use highlights as an extension of that….

You can see my bio here for inspiration and look at what inspires you about others.

Let’s make those first impressions really count, don’t lose out on potential community members.

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