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Were you on the Instagram shaped path to 10k followers, was it your magic number.
For many businesses, it is, or maybe was?

This week the app announced it was rolling out the link sticker (previously the swipe up) to ALL accounts regardless of size 🙌🏼

This means that you can link to your website or another from a sticker in your stories when before the only clickable link available was in your bio 😯

It’s exciting news, I get it, I’m excited too….


Sprinkle that link sticker sparingly, make sure you keep it valuable. Do that and your followers will know that you’ve always got something worth clicking for. Over use it and people will be turned off!

And yes I’m with you, patiently waiting for it to appear whilst checking my app for updates 🤪

Does it feel like you got an early Christmas present from Instagram? How will you use it?

have a great Friday!