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So you’ve got a social channel and then what?

You’re staring at a blank white screen with no idea of the message you need or what to put out. You’re stuck between what you want to say and what you think your audience want to hear.

Let me help you

Let’s start with a plan. Come up with around three to five themes that help you amplify your message, whilst finding the sweet spot with your audience.

For me, I want to talk about how I can help you with your social media, so tips and tricks. But you like listening to other peoples stories, hence live on toast. I enjoy cheerleading British food & drink producers, and you want to have something shouting about how awesome you are!

I am the social on toast brand, so you’ll also find me there, sharing little snippets of life behind the scenes, cooking at home and my new found love of baking sourdough and my cottage garden.

Don’t over complicate things and if in doubt, be yourself, thats your biggest asset.

Content Ideas to get you started

  • Tell your story. Instagram stories is a great way to document life behind the brand
  • Share behind the scenes-making the product, sourcing supplies, the fails, the bakes, where you work from, the people you work with
  • latest news; whats going on, share your wins
  • User generated content this will give your brand kudos
  • Share your face; people buy from people. I want to be able to content with a brand immediately when I land on a page
  • Share your values, that will attract the right people to your community
  • Start conversations, and continue them
  • Let me know where I can buy your product
  • Shout out and collaborate with others in the food & drink industry or your local area if you’re a bricks & mortar store.
  • Share videos of you, your products, people enjoying your products, your team working away
  • Check out the national days you can get involve in, if you’d like my free content calendar, drop me an email
  • Keep it a positive space to nurture a community

Still want help to confidently share your story and make sales, join my free facebook group for weekly live trainings, Q&A and on hand advice