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From a 25 year career in the retail sector to the owner of two vintage horse boxes and a little red van. Boxed Drinks serves coffee, gin and prosecco!

Rob’s business was born from attending classic car shows with his father in law. There was never a decent coffee, all that was on offer was served from an urn and in a polystyrene cup. Rob says the best thing about his job is meeting new people, and being part of the community.

Covid 19 has had a huge impact on Boxed Drinks. All the summer festivals, weddings and events cancelled which is why he’s now spending his week popping up and serving coffee with the little red van.

Bringing coffee to rural areas

It was a conscience decision to pitch up in more rural areas away from the towns and city. Rob says he’ll continue to do this even after the pandemic is lifted, and it’s meant that his fans have been able to get a fix!

He admits he’s not an expert in social media. He’s currently feeling in a flow with it, but, it’s been a slow process . He says its a super important tool for getting your message out there, and engaging with your customers. Despite not enjoying being on camera.

Collaborate & build friendships

His tips for other food & drink producers is collaboration, build relationships with people and be a nice guy.

I think Rob has done a great job of being visible to his clients during lockdown. Let’s remember him when we need a coffee, gin or prosecco box for an event.

You can see the full interview over on IGTV