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Want to know how to keep the little instagram shaped computer happy?

Four tips to secure your date…

  • Post regularly. That doesn’t mean everyday, but find a pattern that suits you’d work with it
  • Engage with other accounts that are relevant to you, it will drive more people to your account and your content is more likely to be shown in there timelines
  • Find the best time to post. You can see this information in your insights tab (for business and creator profiles) Instagram will tell you when your followers are active on the app, test it out and see what works. Although the highest proportion of my audience is online between 8-9pm, I found that in the earlier stages of the pandemic if I posted around 8am my reach was much greater.
  • Use Hashtags (and mean it) and don’t use the same ones on every post, but be intentional and do your research on different sets of # to use

And who knows the algorithm might work in your favour, and you’ll get a date after all.