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I love getting an insight into food businesses over on my Instagram Live series. There’s something magic about their stories.

Queen of Edible Inspiration

Caroline of The Kitsch Hen, produces hand stamped biscuits, which she calls edible inspiration. Her business started by accident, when her and her husband were going through a tough time with IVF. She loves an inspirational quote and started hand stamping them onto biscuits. Soon friends were asking for them, and then friends of friends until she thought there could be something here.

Her biscuits for tough times are her best sellers. Although, the reason she gets so many orders is often sad, it gives her a warm feeling inside knowing that for, that one moment when someone receives one of her boxes of biscuits through the letter box, she can help lift the spirits in some tough times. She’s recently been doing lots for couples of have had to postponed weddings due to the coronavirus.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

When I asked Caroline about any tips, she said do one platform and do it well. Don’t be tempted to spread to yourself thing. She loves instagram, and thats where her customers like to hang out, so despite the pressures of feeling like we should be everywhere, she’s happy and has created an engaged community by using Instagram.

I can also vouch for her biscuits. Firstly, they look picture perfect, secondly they taste delicious.

You can watch our chat over on my IGTV.