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Say what? Yep, I’m in the camp where I need to google all the acronyms too. This one though is one you are going to want to know.

User Generated Content is the holy grail of social media marketing.

You think, “I’m trying to run my business, I haven’t got time to create all this awesome social media content too.” Then along come your customers and bang, they’ve done some of it for you, because they’re nice like that.

What is it?

So User Generated Content or UGC (just incase it comes up in a zoom quiz) is where your customers take a photo or video of your product or service, upload it to a social platform, and usually tell their audience how awesome it is. Thats a piece of content you haven’t had to create and a testimonial all rolled into one. Win Win!

What should I do with it, I hear you cry.

With the permission of your customer, obviously, SHARE it!

Instagram Stories is a great place to share this type of content, it shows your potential customers a different view of your product and service and as a result it gives you kudos. You can set up a highlight reel for customers posts. On twitter you can quote the tweet, and add your own comment. On Facebook you can encourage customers to leave reviews.

The more you share your user generated content the more you’ll be tagged in and receive. As a result your customer is more likely to share it with you if they think, firstly you’ll see it and secondly you’ll share it.

Can’t wait to see you sharing more.


P.S during the pandemic, are you offering a different service or not selling as many products? Why not ask your audience to share there favourite memory of a time they were eating with you, or enjoying your product.