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Facebook have recently announced new tools for video. Will you be using them?

I’ve recently embraced Instagram Live (and IGTV) and love to option to add other people in to the chat. Currently to do this on Facebook I’ve been using a third party app but, Facebook is bringing this feature back (soon) too.

Facebook Events are now going to have the go live function, and they are looking into the option to charge viewers to watch. I saw one from the Natural History museum this week, also streamed on Youtube and it was great.

Facebook Live with guest, great for more interaction or a live question and answer

Facebook Rooms these are for unscheduled meetings, via personal profiles not pages. But, they are free and have no time limits

Instagram is making their live feature available in desktop. They made direct messaging available on desktop and now it’s coming to video.

WhatsApp has increased the amount of people you can have in a video chat to 8. You can call up to 50 people, 8 via video and the rest audio only

How could you use Video for your content?

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Happy Sunday