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What have you been enjoying whilst in isolation? If like me, you have a 5 year old daughter then it may have included a lot of colouring….so much so we’ve had to order a replacement set of pens!

Colouring is where she’s happy, and where she’ll sit next to me and chat about anything and everything-It’s our happy place. But, I try to make it educational or exciting too, so we might talk about what we’re drawing or find out more about an animal, person or the words we’re colouring in.

I’ve been printing off some of the free downloads that others have been putting out there (Thanks Dad Outside the lines X Play Hooray and Mutha Hood ) So I’ve been inspired and have created my own, which initially was just for the girls, but I thought I may as well share it with you all to enjoy.

Eat More Notts was the hashtag I used for the campaign I ran, and I’ve continued to use it to encourage people to eat the amazing food we have in Nottinghamshire, either grown or supporting a producer, cafe or restaurant. So we sat, we coloured and we talked about which of our favourite places we were going to eat in when they were open.

You could open up the conversation with your children about food, get them to explore different foods, understanding what is grown here in Nottinghamshire or the UK. Kids generally love food (well, they do in this house, even if it is chips!) but it could be a great place to start……

I would LOVE to see your creations, pop them in your window and send me a photo, if you’re on social media tag me facebook Social on Toast or instagram Notts on Toast and use #EatMoreNotts

Download your FREE colouring sheet here