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It was Friday afternoon. Valentines Day. I’d already said out loud that I was going to go live.

But, the world was working against me, Rufus (the dog) was being an idiot and the littlest one was refusing her usual 2 hour nap!

I heard going live being described as pushing the ‘f***k it’ button, and that’s what I did. And guess what, I’m hear to blog about my tale, I’m alive, nothing bad happened, unless you call the live being gatecrashed by the nearly 2 year old, who was hell bent on telling everyone about her crumpet, bad!

The moral of my story is, you can do it too! Instagram loves it when you use all the features available, and video is still killing it in terms of what audiences want to see. Do you go live already? Are you scared that there’s no edit button? Its actually quite liberating that I don’t have to watch and re-do the videos, like I might for instagram stories.

I love seeing the people behind the brand, and going live shows the real you, building that trust with your audience.

A handy tip though, do it while the children nap!